What Are Foods High in Protein

foods high in protein

Have you ever wondered what all foods high in protein are? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people are curious about how different foods affect our bodies, but aren’t sure how to approach this question. Protein is a major building block of the muscle we all want to build. If you’re wanting to build more muscle mass, here are several foods high in protein you should eat.


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More protein is needed by your body for the creation of muscles than any other food. Eggs provide 21 grams of protein per egg. Since proteins are necessary for every other body function, it’s important that you eat foods high in protein each day, ideally along with your breakfast meal. Eggs may even help you lose weight, depending on your overall calorie intake.


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Nuts are a great source of protein and healthy fats. They contain good cholesterol and good fats, so they are good for you. While there are some who believe that eating nuts is bad for you, the majority of them agree that they are a healthy addition to any diet. Almonds are high in fiber, so eating a handful each day is recommended. However, like many other foods high in fiber, almonds should be eaten unsweetened, and without oil. A side salad is an acceptable alternative.


This one is actually a two-for-one deal. Eating yogurt may actually lower your calorie intake since it contains lactobacillus acidophilus, which creates acids that aid digestion. In fact, this bacteria is one of the only helpful bacteria known to science. Lactobacillus acidophilus is often used in food processors to improve the texture and flavor. You’ll eat fewer calories by eating yogurt as a replacement for meats and other protein-rich foods.

Lean Meats And Other Protein-Rich Foods

When you’re looking for a healthy snack, think of lean meats such as chicken, tuna, and lean pork. Choose low-fat items and stay away from spreads and toppings like sugar and butter. You may also want to consider cutting back on breads and grains, including refined flour products, which are often high in both sugar and fat. In general, staying away from sugary treats and breads will help you stick to your diet. Also, this will make it easier to follow a liquid diet (such as the juice diet) since there will be less sweet things to eat.


The cholesterol-laden egg is high in saturated fat, which makes it unhealthy. But you may still consume the yolk itself, with or without the shell. To make sure you are getting the healthiest egg, choose one that is low-fat or at least lower in cholesterol and sodium. For a delicious snack, combine one egg with reduced-fat mayo, low-fat sour cream, and some low-fat yogurt for a tasty breakfast food that is also good for you.

Final Words

If you have had a health crisis recently and are not sure if a high protein shake will help, give them a try. They are high in quality protein, which is essential if you want to remain healthy and fit. It can boost your energy level and make you feel better than you have for awhile. And with all of the health benefits, who could possibly say no to a healthy, high protein shake! So the next time you are eating out, order a glass of low-fat, non-fat, or soy-based, non-flavored whey, calcium-d enriched, non-fat, or probiotic (agave, buckwheat, kamut, etc.)

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