Vegan Salads With Protein – Learn About The Vegan Salad

vegan salads with protein

Although there are various snacking options available at hand, you need to be very cautious about your health. Selecting nutritious snacks is the most important step if you want to maintain a healthy diet.  This will tell you about all the possible vegetarian snacking options that you can grab anytime you feel like eating something.

Vegetarian Snacking Options

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Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a great source of fibers, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. What makes it even better is that making chickpeas at home is a really easy process. You just need to toss cooked chickpeas in olive oil along with seasoning is added and baked for 20-30 minutes. Chilli powder, garlic powder, nutmeg, and cinnamon are all tasty options that can make your chickpeas even tastier.

Nut butter with fruit

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You can pair up your favorite fruit with nut butter and make a tasty as well as a fulfilling dish for yourself. Fruits such as Banana, strawberry, and apple are rich in antioxidants and are fibrous and thus can be a great option for filling your stomach in between meals.

Bell pepper with hummus

This is a healthy alternative for regular chips and dip. Bell pepper not only provides the same crunch as that of chips but is also rich in fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C.

This along with hummus increases your protein and fiber intake.

Kale chips

Kale chips are a tasty and healthy alternative to add green vegetables in your diet. Kale is a great source of Vitamin A and C. These vitamins are important for disease prevention and the formation of antibodies in your body.

You can even make Kale chips at home by tossing Kale with sea salt and olive oil and baking it for 15-20 minutes at 275°F.

More Options


Nothing can be better than eating nuts. They are not only a good source of energy but also are rich in fibers, fats, proteins, and minerals. Not just this, research also states that when nuts are added to your diet your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases is reduced to a greater extent. Nuts such as cashews, almonds, walnuts, and pistachios can be included as a part of your diet but make sure that they generate heat inside your body and hence should be taken in a limited quantity.

Green smoothies

This is a quick and convenient method to add veggies to your diet and increasing the uptake of vitamins, minerals, calcium, and antioxidants in your diet. Although the major ingredient in a green smoothie is green leafy vegetables like spinach or kale, you can also add fruits such as berries, bananas, chia seeds, flax seeds.

Pumpkin seeds

Seeds are a rich source of nutrition and hence can be taken as a snack. They are rich in fibers and proteins. Not just this, they are a rich source of Magnesium which is necessary for the regulation of blood pressure, DNA synthesis, and nerve function. You can roast these pumpkin seeds tossing them with olive oil, spices, and salt for 20-30 minutes at 350°F.


There are plenty of healthy snacking options available that you can select and fill up your tummy along with providing your body with the desired supply of nutrients. Make sure that each time you decide to snack on any item, you go for a healthy alternative so that you do not put on extra calories and attract diseases.

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