Vegan Protein Sources You Look Out For

Vegan protein is a way for vegetarians to stick to protein diets. A shift from the use of animals’ products is getting easier as more fortified, and nutrition-specific plant-based foods are available.

Today, it’s easy to find and eat plant-based proteins in different forms. So in the end, we don’t compromise our way of life and we still get to enjoy a completely balanced diet.

What is a Vegan Protein?

Vegan proteins are proteins you get from eating plants. This type of protein is incomplete because it lacks all essential amino acids.

However, plant products like Chia seeds and Soybeans are said to be complete proteins.

Is Vegan Protein Good?

A study in 2016 by the academy of nutrition and dietetics says that vegetarians, too, can provide all the nutritional requirements for adults, children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. This proves that you can have a completely balanced diet without the need for animals.

Vegan Protein Sources You Look Out For

In reality, getting as many proteins from plants as in animals is harder. Getting other essential vitamins also may be tasking, which is why you must plan ahead. This helps you ensure that you have as many proteins, iron, vitamins, and other nutrients other meat-eaters get.

With the right plant-based protein, you can get all the essential amino acids found in animal protein. Some plant products like soybeans and quinoa are complete proteins and a perfect replacement for animal protein. They contain all nine essential amino acids.

Other plants are missing only two or three amino acids, so eating a varied diet is essential.

The best Vegan Protein Sources

Chia seeds

These are tiny seeds of the chia plant. These seeds are some of the richest protein sources today. It has about 17.5 grams of protein in 10 tablespoons. It is also full of other beneficial nutrients like calcium, iron, and zinc.


This is one of the most popular soy seed products. With about 15 grams of protein per 4oz, it is one of the favorite plant proteins. Tofu alone provides one-third of the total protein a woman needs daily.

Furthermore, it is also very versatile and can be added to almost everything. It can be blended into smoothies, added to cheese, used for stir-fries, and other hearth conscious meals.

Lastly, tofu has a mild flavor so you can use it for almost any dish and not notice any changes in its taste.

Whole-grain bread

Whole-grain bread has as much as 6.0 grams of protein per slice. This means that every sandwich packs almost half of the protein intake you need daily.

Making a sandwich also means you can put whatever you want between. So with avocado as the spread between, you have yourself a decent high protein vegan breakfast.

Vegan Protein Sources You Look Out For


Some people call this a complete protein. It contains all nine essential amino acids making it one of the best sources of plant protein. Like tofu, it’s very rich and has up to 8 grams of protein per cup.

Hemp seeds as Plant-Based Protein

Hemp seeds have around 3.25 grams of protein per tablespoon. These make them perfect to be added to your salads and smoothies. Eating hemp seeds also has a lot of additional nutrients and other benefits.

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