Top Plant Based Protein Food That You Need To Know To Begin With A Healthy Life

plant based protein

With growing awareness, people are showing more interest in reaching out to plant based foods. Yes, you heard it right. Meat is a protein-rich food, although they come with many disadvantages for both human and earth. Therefore people are opting for a healthier start to gift a prominent new change to the planet we live on. Also, it is very beneficial.

An experiment conducted in 2016, reports that plant-based foods will be able to give all the nutritional requirements to both adults(also, including pregnant ladies and breastfeeding women) and children. So, what are the significant choices of plant-based protein foods? Let us begin with-

Tofu, Tempeh, And Edamame Is The First Choice

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Soy items are some of the promising choices of a protein-rich diet. In addition, you must remember that the protein content depends on the production process-

  • Tempeh consists of 15 gm of protein per half-cup.
  • Firm tofu has 10 gm of protein per half-cup.
  • Edamame has 8.5 gm of protein in a half-cup.

Since tofu simply adapts the taste in which it is prepared hence there is versatility in its taste. Therefore one can try it as a replacement for meat. One can also add the same in soup or sandwiches. In fact, famous Chinese dish items like Kang Pao chicken also uses tofu in their preparation. 

Chickpea Is The Best 2nd Choice To Try

A close up of a plant

When consuming chickpea make sure to try a good tasty recipe since cooked chickpea carries around 7.25 gm of protein per half-cup. Preparations such as stews and curries demand chickpea to enhance their taste. One can also add chickpea to their sandwiches to add a healthy touch in place of butter.

Almonds Is Another Great Alternative To The Animal-Based Diet

When you are intaking almonds, you are giving a healthy half cup of 16.5 gm of protein to your health. In fact, almond is a significant source of vitamin e that is very good for the skin and eyes. So when should you have the protein-rich nuts? You can have them whenever you feel empty. Besides filling your stomach, they’re delivering perspective change to stay healthy for a long time. 

Chia Seeds Is Another Great Alternative To Start With-

Well, these are a high source of omega 3 fatty acids and fiber in your diet. Now, how do you need to intake the same? Add the alternative to your smoothie. You can also add the same to your plant-based dessert. Soak them overnight and or in almond milk to prepare a pudding. You can buy the same from any departmental store or from any online store. 

Concluding With Some Honorable Mentions 

Here are some other alternatives that you need to grab as soon as you can-

  • Ezekiel bread
  • Seitan
  • Protein-rich vegetables
  • Potatoes
  • Beans with rice
  • Hemp seeds
  • Mycoprotein
  • Quinoa
  • Spirulina
  • Peanuts
  • Lentils

Hit the nearest departmental store to grab these choices of animal-based food alternatives right now and start with a new phase of positive and healthy choice of life.

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