The Best Oatmeal Protein Bars Recipe Ever

healthy oatmeal protein bars recipe

Have you ever wanted to find a healthy oatmeal protein bar? Are you getting tired of the same old bland, old food? Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be that way. All it takes is some ingenuity and a few minutes of your time. After that, you can start raking in the healthy benefits of this superfood! Here’s how to make one.

Healthy Mix Of Superfoods

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It all starts with an excellent, healthy mix of superfoods. The ingredients must work well together to make a healthy oatmeal protein bar. This means you’ll need… cashews, walnuts, blueberries, whey protein concentrate, fiber, and water. These are great ingredients to have because they work together to help you build muscle. They also work well together to keep you healthy. Let’s take a closer look at the healthy oatmeal protein bars recipe we just came up with. Start by combining the wet mix with the dry ingredients. This will give you a combined texture that is healthy and tastes great. Now, you can add in the healthy cashews and walnuts and let the mixture settle.

Mix In The Blueberries

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You can mix in the blueberries and whey protein concentrate. Next, you’ll want to add in the fiber. There are two methods for doing this. You can either soak the oats and grind them up or boil the oats and puree them with water. If you choose to puree them, then it may be best to soak them overnight. Now, all you have to do is take about half a cup of the healthy oatmeal, a cup of walnuts and cashews, and a third of a protein powder cup. Stir this all up nicely. Once mixed up well, break out the bars and place them on a baking sheet. Bake the healthy oatmeal protein bars at 350. Remove from the oven once they are done.

Pour Some Of The Mixtures

Once they are cool, you may pour some of the mixtures into small pails and store them in your freezer. That way, you can have healthy bars whenever you need them. You can even put one of these healthy bars between meals if you feel like eating healthy right to get your weight back. Also, it may be fun to mix up your healthy oatmeal bars during the week. That way, you know you have them when you need them.

Learn From An Example

For example, you may mix up a batch of healthy oatmeal for breakfast. Take about 2 cups of healthy oatmeal, add in about half a cup of skim milk, a quarter of a cup of fresh fruit, and cinnamon. Mix this all up, let it cool down and break it into tiny pieces. Then, take a small pail or two and freeze all of these little pieces. When you are ready to eat, grab a handful of these little bars, and off you go!

Do Not Feel Like Mixing Up?

If you do not feel like mixing up your healthy oatmeal, you can always buy it. Grab a pack of the generic type of cereal you like, mix up the ingredients, and your healthy oatmeal is ready! Of course, you may want to try making healthy oatmeal with a few different ingredients. A mix of brown rice, walnuts, and skim milk works well, combining whole grain oats and bran. You can also add nuts, raisins, and dried fruit to the mix for a sweet and chewy snack.

Save Time

To save time and keep these healthy bars from melting into a pile of wet, go ahead and skip the chocolate chip version! There is no need for that one! The same goes for the banana. We all know they are delicious, but if you don’t like bananas, forget about them. There are plenty of other options! If you have kids, then healthy oatmeal will fit in with their routine. They love cereal, so they will likely eat these protein bars as well. That way, they get to help with the homework while still getting some healthy fiber and protein!

Summing Up

Finally, if you make these healthy oatmeal bars at home, remember that you can refrigerate them for an even healthier snack. When you get hungry during the middle of the day, take a few healthy bars, an apple, and a glass of milk, and voila! You’ve got a fully functional meal. It’s much better than junk food, anyway.

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