Raw Plant Protein- Things To Consume

raw plant protein

Protein is a very essential nutrient that all of our body needs. It is important to have it so that the body can build as well as repair tissues. You can indeed have most of the protein from animal foods but there are numerous options for vegans as well. Raw plant proteins are also essential for the body and you can have them from chickpeas tofu and peanuts. There are numerous raw plant proteins that you need to know about so that you can have them even during your diet. These are some of the raw plant proteins that you would want to check out.


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This is a cruciferous plant that you can mostly find in the water and it is very high in protein content. There is a lot of protein content which means one gram of watercress will contain 0.8 gram of protein. Also, a hundred grams of watercress will contain 2.3 grams of protein as well as 11 calories. There is about 84 % of the protein in this plant-based product and it is also a good source of vitamin k. You can have better blood and bone health as well as a rich source of vitamin c, calcium, potassium, as well as vitamin A. According to the researchers, watercress also has antioxidants and it can prevent cancer as well. If you want you can blend it into your morning smoothie, and even incorporate it in salads.

Alfalfa Sprouts-Raw Plant Protein

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Did you know that this is one of the plant-based products which is very low in calories but rich in nutrients? There is a huge amount of protein content and it is about 69% of the entire calories. This plant-based product is also a huge source of copper, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, iron as well as vitamin c. It can also reduce cholesterol content in the body and decrease inflammatory symptoms.

Spinach-Raw Plant Protein

This is one of the most nutrient-rich leafy vegetables that you can eat and you can blend it in your morning smoothie. The protein can account for about 50% of the entire calories of spinach. It contains all the amino acids and is a really good source of vitamin k. It is also a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin c, and folate. You can also get a decent source of calcium and does not cause any muscle damage. If you have issues like high blood pressure spinach is a great ingredient that you should incorporate into your diet.

Chinese Cabbage

There is a high protein content in every calorie of Chinese cabbage and it is way better than the normal cabbage that you find in the markets. A hundred grams of Chinese cabbage will contain 1.5 grams of protein and it is also a good source of potassium and calcium. Apart from that, it has detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties which is why you can have a daily dose of the same.

Bottom Note

There are numerous options when it comes to raw plant protein. You can also check out all the other ingredients like mustard greens, collard greens as well as broccoli.

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