Protein Rich Foods You Will Need Regularly

Proteins are an important class of food that we need. Protein-rich foods give us the proteins we need to stay alive and healthy. Therefore, many of the foods we eat today contains an amount of protein. The protein in these foods helps build damaged tissues, brain cells, hair, and nails.

However, to get the best types of proteins, it is important that you go for protein-rich foods.

The proteins we get from foods like animal meat, milk, beans, and lentils are broken down by enzymes in our body during digestion. The end results are amino acids which are the basic form of proteins. Once absorbed by your body, these acids are used to make other proteins, enzymes, and hormones that you need.

Consequently, proteins can also replace carbohydrates when there isn’t any in the body.

Lectin Foods And Its Importance

What Kinds of Protein Rich Foods Should I Eat?

For many of us who didn’t really pay attention in biology class, knowing which proteins our body need isn’t so easy. Visiting a doctor to ask these types of questions also can also be a bit shameful. Because everyone expects us to know these things.

So, there are two types of protein, the complete protein which contains all the amino acids. This form of protein is gotten mainly from animals and their produce. These essential amino acids are very important for muscle building, proper growth and a number of their significant functions. They are so unique that no other nutrient can be used to create them. You will have to get them from eating animal products. For vegetarians also, you can get all your essential amino acids from soya beans.

The other type of protein is gotten from plants. This type of protein isn’t complete because it doesn’t have all essential amino acids. A variety from plant proteins lack one or two amino acids but others may lack more.

Therefore, if you’re going for plant proteins, you should go for beans or corn. This is because they lack one or two amino acids making them the best pick.

How Much Proteins Do I Need to Take?

Our bodies are different and this affects how much protein we need to consume. Other factors like height, weight, and health status also matter. For a rough guide, try protein intake measured in grams as shown below:
0.75g/kg for average adult women
0.84 g/ kg for average adult men
Around 1g/kg for pregnant and breastfeeding women and also for people over 70 years.

For example, a 75 kg man needs about 63 g for protein every day. Nutritionists advise that you take enough proteins to provide 15 to 25% of the energy you use every day.

In addition, since proteins can be converted to glucose, it is the perfect way to lose weight quickly and stay healthy at the same time.

Lectin Foods And Its Importance
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