Live A Healthier Life By Eating Whole Foods – Plant Based Protein

whole foods plant based protein

The first step is to do some research on whole foods protein. There are many resources available. Some of them are not as good as others. But I do believe that you can find some excellent information at “The Simple Organic Living” website. It’s about the easiest place to start on your new diet.

Try Newest Whole Foods Plant-based Cookbooks

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My next tip is to get your hands on a couple of the newest whole foods plant-based cookbooks. I love to read these. One of the newest is by Dan Palleschi. It’s called “The Organic Kitchen”. And it’s awesome! I highly recommend it.

The third tip is to look for products made with whole foods. These are very important for your success on your new whole foods plant-based protein diet. Some of these include, soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, almond milk, rice and beans, almond butter, organic cotton skin, etc. You’ll also want to look for high quality ingredients. That means organic whey, casein, MCT, etc.

The fourth tip for consuming more whole foods plant-based protein is to learn to read the labels. Many companies try to hide the ingredients. They may label something like “wheat protein” or “casesinate” instead of using the more accurate term “whole”. So, read the labels.

Use Supplements That Have The Plant-based Ingredient

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The fifth tip is to use supplements that have the plant-based ingredient and a higher protein content than other similar products. The best types will be a complete protein source. A complete protein source contains all essential amino acids. These include, lysine, cysteine, arginine, carnitine, taurine, glutamine, cholesterol, bromelain, etc. A complete protein source will give you the most nutrition.

The sixth and last tip to eating more whole foods plant-based protein is to find and make your own products. Many people do not realize that making your own products saves money and is easier than buying in bulk. You can find complete sources for many of the products you need. You may even want to make your own products to save even more money.

Remember, you are making your whole foods plant-based protein choices every day. It’s easy. It’s fun. And it can give you more energy than you thought possible! You should start eating more whole foods right away.

Bottom Lines

Start now. Start eating whole foods. If you have not tried them, give them a try. You may find that you never imagined being healthier and living a longer life.

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