High Protein Foods List – Whats Best For Your Health

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There is a lot of talk about eating healthy and having healthy proteins. I was asked by my nephew to make him some tofu shirataki noodles for dinner. Since he is not much of a toddler, I looked for ready-made ones to be sure he would like them. I went to the local mart, and they had them all in a row with all of the different flavors and types of noodles. It is kind of hard to choose. Here are some ideas that I came up with.

Soy Noodle – Healthy Protein-Rich Foods

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This is one of the best sources of healthy protein-rich foods. It is high in tempeh, which is a kind of whey protein. It has a nice nutty flavor to it, which goes well with certain foods. This one is good if you are looking for something vegetarian-friendly as well.

Quinoa – This is one of the higher protein sources for carbs. It is also high in vitamins, iron, and zinc. The quinoa has a nice nutty flavor to it, which goes well with certain foods, but it also makes a good side dish.

Chicken Breast 

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These are high-protein foods but contain large amounts of saturated fat. Many people are trying to eat a healthy high protein diet these days, and chicken breast is one of those foods. There are two forms. The leaner one is boneless, and the one that is boned has more saturated fat.

Lean Light Meat, No Skin 

These are some great options on the high protein foods list. This contains mostly lean beef or chicken. I was surprised that it didn’t contain any red meat! I wasn’t able to identify the lean meat, but it could be the beans, plus the skins for some of the chicken.


This is a very refreshing drink. You can add some ice cubes to make it even colder and use any kind of fruits you want, instead of water. The watermelon has almost no carbs but contains large amounts of Vitamin C. This is easily digested and found in any flavors you can think of for high protein sources serving protein calories.

Low-Fat 1 Ounce 

Low-fat yogurt is a great addition to your protein of choice list. The yogurt has low-fat, high-fiber proteins, which are great for digesting. It’s a great choice for vegans and vegetarians.

There are lots of other excellent choices for high-protein foods that have absolutely no carbs listed. Fish is the king of these sorts of food sources because it’s so easy to cook and quick to digest. Anytime I make fish, my family goes crazy and never touches breaded fish anymore!

Things To Know

Protein source chips are probably my favorite high protein foods list choice. I grind them up well and easily. The almonds and cashews are my personal favorite. They’re loaded with fiber and are great for breakfast. Other healthy snack options are tofu puffs or blueberries.

When making this list, I also wanted to mention lentils, which are high in both protein and healthy high protein foods list content. They’re hearty additions to soups and stews. They can be eaten on their own or used in chili or other dishes. You can buy organic blends of lentils online. They taste like black beans but have the same nutritional benefits.

Low-fat, high-fiber cottage cheese is another great item on this list. I’ve been buying skim milk at the grocery store for years because it’s so expensive. I’ve also been buying whole-grain cottage cheese because I don’t really eat too much cheese in the first place. It costs me a couple of dollars apiece, and I figure that every time I use it, I’m saving money by not buying more than a single cup. It’s great for cooking as well as for snacking on a daily basis.

Bottom Line

When it comes to high protein foods high in carbs, fruits are on this list. You can either use frozen or fresh fruits here, but make sure you get them dried and unpeeled. My favorite fruits on this list are apples, bananas, pineapples, cherries, and peaches. There are many others, but I keep those on top.

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