High protein Diets For Weight Loss

High protein diets are diets that contain up to or more than 30 of its calories coming from proteins. On a regular day in America, the total amount of proteins we consume in our diet gives an average of 12%- 16% of the calories we consume.

The Origin of High Protein Diets

High protein diets were initially introduced in the 1960s by Dr. Maxwell Stillman. Although he wasn’t the person to create the concept, he was the first to advocate this form of diet.

Dr. Maxwell Stillman of the Stillman diet showed the benefits of consuming a high protein, no carbohydrate, and a low-fat diet for quick weight loss.

High protein Diets For Weight Loss

After this, many dieting books began promoting high protein diets, which made it to the best selling list. One of the most popular books to this is the Atkins diet. Other varieties of diet recipes include the Zone diet, protein powder, and sugar busters.

Notably. these diets used Stillmans diet as a manual but modified a few things like the addition of some carbohydrates. They also used new and changed scientific terms and explanations, making their books up to date. In general, all these books encourage high protein diets for weight loss and muscle building.

Description of High Protein Diets

Amino acids are the foundation all human beings are built form. A fun fact, we are made from about 20 different amino acid molecules. Out of these 20 amino acids, 9 are essential amino acids. We call them essential because our bodies can’t produce them from other nutrients. They must be fully formed by the body with the proteins we eat.

Both animals and plants are good sources of protein. But animal protein is better and more precious because of its complete protein. Research, however, has shown that soybean milk also is a complete type of protein as an animal product. I guess that’s a good thing for vegetarians.

Type one or complete proteins contain all the essential amino acids we need. You can get this by taking animal meat, poultry, egg whites, and milk.

Plant proteins, on the other hand, are incomplete proteins. This means they do not have all nine essential amino acids. Some plants contain more proteins than others. We measure this by looking at how much amino acid is lacking in them.

Nonetheless, some plants, for instance, lack only one or two amino acids. These are plants like dried beans, nuts, and other grains, such as corn.

Many cultures have developed a variety of dishes from these plants, such as red beans and rice or corn tortillas. Other meals combine animal and plant proteins to ensure they get every form of protein they can possibly need.

High protein Diets For Weight Loss

Amino Acids

When we consume amino acid’s in excess, our bodies don’t waste what’s left after it has used up all it needs. Instead, these acids are split apart by different enzymes and they go to different organs in the body. These organs dispose of what the body doesn’t need and convert what’s left. This conversion process has its final products as glucose, which the body uses for energy in place of carbohydrates.

High protein diets are also filled with saturated fats. This type of fat isn’t right for the body and needs to be put into consideration before starting this kind of diet.

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