High Protein Breakfast Foods You Must Try

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High protein breakfast meals are very popular right now. This may be because we’re all trying to lose weight and regain our energy. For many of us, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you don’t have the time to prepare a healthy, balanced lunch, then prepare yourself an easy, high protein breakfast to make the day easier. These high protein breakfast recipes are great for any morning or mid-afternoon snack or even for a cozy fall brunch.

High Protein Breakfast Foods

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My favorite high protein egg breakfast is typically a high-wheat, high-fiber scramble made with eggs, cheese, hash browns, and chopped walnuts. I usually like to set the cheese and hash browns in a zip lock bag and heat them on the stove for about ten minutes. When the cheese and hash browns are done, I chop up the walnuts and enjoy my breakfast. I love the combination of the flavors in this easy recipe.

Another quick, healthy breakfast choice is a delicious pancake meal. This one is very similar to the scramble, except you use coconut flour instead of regular flour. You’ll want to cook the meal in a skillet or on the stove top, as it will continue to cook until it is cooked through. I like to set my timer so that I can wait about thirty seconds before taking it out of the pan. I love the taste and the simplicity of these pancakes.

There are dozens of delicious recipes out there for high protein breakfast recipes too. One of the best is sweet potato protein pancakes. This is another quick and easy meal that comes together so quickly that you can have this delicious breakfast on the go. Instead of driving to a fast food restaurant, whip up some sweet potato oatmeal with a delicious quinoa mix for your kids.

Eggs are another great way to get protein in the morning. Most of the healthy recipes out there actually call for eggs in them. These recipes include omelets, waffles and more. There are literally hundreds of different egg recipes out there for you to try. I love the waffles recipes that are in this magazine because they come with a healthy yet tasty sweet potato muffin for a great start to your day.

You can make waffles pretty easily at home. You simply cook up some waffle batter and cook your waffles according to your desired cook time. If you are in a hurry, just heat up your waffle machine and pop into a waffle pan for easy preparation. For a nice tasting breakfast dish, you can also add some toasty and fresh fruit to the mix as well.

Of course another quick and easy morning meal is a healthy recipe for sausage recipes. There are so many different sausage recipes to choose from. I love to eat different variations of Italian sausage. A very good meal is made by taking lean ground turkey, fatback and mushrooms and then adding a cup of skim milk.

For the best part of the meal, serve up some spinach and bell peppers on top. The spinach and bell peppers are high in the vitamin A group. Then you top it off with your favorite ham and cheese. Make sure to serve your guests pieces of chicken if you plan to have ham as one of your main ingredients. If you are trying to limit your calories, try to stay away from filling up on fatty meats.

One of my favorite high protein breakfast recipes is one that I make for my husband every morning. It’s a chicken and spinach omelet with some fresh spinach and some thinly sliced ham. For the best part of this meal, poached egg is added just before serving. Since I love to snack on things like eggs and French fries before my exercise, this breakfast sandwich really fits the bill. I have also included some fresh, high-quality tortilla chips on my salad to round out the nutritious ingredients of this delicious breakfast sandwich.

Some of the other top egg breakfast recipes include bacon & egg fried cheese, egg salad, sunny side up, and a toasted english muffin with lots of spinach. For the best part of any of these meals, make sure to use high-quality ingredients. I highly recommend using eggs that are free from the yolk. This way you won’t end up using up all of your cholesterol fighting nutrients. High fiber foods such as high-fiber veggies and low fat yogurt also go great in this meal prep.

End Note

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The final two high protein breakfast foods that I will discuss are savory pancakes and hash browns. For savory pancakes, you can substitute the eggs in this recipe for some quality vegan egg rolls. Another option would be to add hemp hearts to this dish instead of the bacon. Another delicious combination would be a sausage and swiss cheese blend. If you are looking for hearty flavor in your high protein breakfast foods, then you should definitely include ingredients like tomatoes, bell pepper, mushrooms and black pepper in your recipe.

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