Healthy Protein Balls Recipe

healthy protein balls recipe

Do you want to crave for something every now and then? Then you should be able to get hold of easy protein balls recipes which will be healthy. There are 8 easy recipes for making healthy protein balls and following the recipe is not going to be a hassle. You should not take more than 10 minutes to make the snacks and it is going to be very handy. You just have to roll up some balls and you can have the snacks anytime you want. In addition to that you can find different protein ball combos that you can try so that the taste is not monotonous. Therefore you can try to make protein balls for every occasion and it will help you in getting a perfect treat.

3 Ingredient Brownie Bites- Healthy Protein Balls Recipe

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Do you need to have a snack every time you crave for something sweet? Then the chocolate brownie protein ball will help in satisfying your sweet tooth. It is a perfect way to indulge in the snack and it can be a great replacement for dinner as well. You can make ten at a time it comprises of three ingredients like raw hazelnuts, dates as well as cocoa powder. You have to place all the ingredients inside the food processor and blend it into a smooth paste. Then you can use a cookie scooping machine and put some evenly sized balls. You should not use your hands otherwise it will stick to the surface. Refrigerate and let it set so that the protein balls are ready to consume.

Carrot Cake Protein Balls- Healthy Protein Balls Recipe

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If you are in love with carrot cake yet you do not want the calories than you should have the carrot cake protein balls. It is a very healthy option that will give you the boost of protein. It also has the flavour of cinnamon and walnuts as well as almonds. You shall be able to enjoy every single byte and make 15 protein balls in every go. It has a lot of ingredients like whey protein, walnut halves, almonds, carrot, Vanilla extract as villa cinnamon. In addition you can also give pitted dates as well as tahini paste. Try blending all the ingredients and put it into small ball sizes. Let them set in the refrigerator and it will be ready to serve.

Lemon Protein Balls- Healthy Protein Balls Recipe

Do you want something tangy to stick to your tongue? Then it will be perfect for you to have the lemon protein balls which look just like the lemon tart. You have to take a bite of this protein ball and you will get ample energy for your exercise. There are antioxidants like maca powder and you will be able to make them easily. It incorporates only a few ingredients and you will only need whey protein, maca powder, almonds, dates and lemon. The method is quite similar to the other protein ball making processes that you have seen, and you can even customise it using other ingredients.

Bottom Note

Everytime you crave for a snack it should not be a problem for you to get hold of the best protein balls. Now you do not even have to buy it because it will be easy to make at home. you will only need an equipment like a food processor or blender.

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