Good Protein Sources You Should Look Out For

Proteins are very essential for many bodily functions but aren’t found in everything we eat. This is why you need to know the different good protein sources so that you know which foods make a protein-filled meal.

Notably, about 20% of the body is made of protein. And because our bodies can’t store proteins, we need to consume them regularly.

Therefore, protein is a vital part of every meal. An average 20-pound person needs at least 7 pounds of protein per day. An average man on a protein diet, on the other hand, needs at least 63 pounds of protein per day. Because protein is found in many foods, it’s easy to meet the goal. However, it’s not every ‘protein’ that’s equal.

Certain foods contain more protein than others and it is important to know which foods and how much protein they have.

Good protein sources You Should Look Out For

Two Types of Protein Sources

Every food we eat today is sourced from either plants or animals. This also applies to proteins.

Consequently, protein classes are divided into two main parts, animal and plant proteins.

Animal Protein

This kind of protein is gotten from animals and animal products. It’s also called complete protein because it contains all 9 essential amino acids. Animal proteins are also classified as biologically better because they carry other minerals and vitamins that animal proteins do not have.

Sources of Animal Proteins:
Animal proteins can be sourced from a wide range of animal proteins. These include animal milk, meat, egg, and any other products. Animal protein is widely used in the food production industry to produce outbreak protein forms eg. Casein, whey, fibrin, and gelatin.

Protein isolated from animal milk is also one of the most commonly used form of protein.

Plant Proteins

These are proteins that you get when you eat plant or plant products that have protein in it.

Many argue that all plant proteins are incomplete proteins but this isn’t entirely true. Plant proteins like soybeans also have all essential amino acids, making it a complete protein.

Nonetheless, how good a plant protein is, depends on the type of food it is gotten from. Some plant proteins lack two to three amino acids while others lack more. Excellent plant protein can be gotten from soy and soy products, corn, quinoa, hemp seeds, nuts oats, and broccoli.

Good protein sources You Should Look Out For

Getting all the proteins you need on a vegan diet can be easy and it can be hard depending on you. What you eat and the knowledge you have on your diet determine what you choose to eat. In the end, this affects how.much nutrients are in your body daily.

Plant proteins aren’t as rich as animal protein in minerals and vitamins. So, if you’re a vegetarian on a diet, you may want to find other plants based foods that make up for these lapses. For non-vegetarians, you can simply add up animal proteins to make up for the nutrients lacking.

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