Find Out Reasons Why Parents Prefer Healthy Protein Cookies This Time

healthy protein cookies

One of the herculean tasks which the parents have to go through while parenting is handling toddlers. The kids at this age group are full of energy but also kind of fussy in terms of food. They always demand something which suits their taste buds. As a parent, it becomes difficult to always provide taste and health together. Let’s make this task a bit easy. Here are some finger foods which are tasty as well as healthy and just perfect for toddlers:

Prefer Healthy Protein Cookies – Oat Meatloaf Cookies And Muffins:

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Oat meatloaf muffins are a perfect blend of taste as well as health. With healthy ingredients such as oats and starch and protein-filled meat is perfect for toddlers. You can serve these easy to eat muffins as a snack or few of these muffins can also suffice as a heavy meal for your toddler.

Baby Potato Bites:

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Potato is one of the most loved foods by the toddlers. Baby potato bites are perfect for your toddler as they are easy to eat and your toddler would love eating them. You can combine these potato bites by adding some other meat or fish topping and favorite sauces for your toddler or you can also use other vegetables as a filling with the same.

Spinach Pie Bites:

Spinach is the healthiest leafy vegetable which contains a lot of iron which is very essential for toddlers at this growing age. Spinach pie bites is a Greek dish which also includes eggs. It will instantly be your toddler’s favorite dish.

Chicken Enchiladas:

Chicken is protein rich and is essential for growing children. Fried chicken with vegetables and sauce in a wrap served with ketchup is the perfect idea of a meal for a toddler.


Sandwiches are the best and the oldest way of combining taste with health. You can stuff sandwiches with any filling of your choices like veggies or meat, combine the fillings with a tasty sauce and serve the sandwiches with tomato ketchup and watch your toddler gobble them up within minutes.

Chocolate – friend, not enemy

A mother is a person who plays a most vital role in the upbringing of a healthy child. She does whatever is good for the child leaving no stone unturned. Health being the major concern of a mother, she should know about what really is beneficial and what is not. There are some myths that have been floating since ages regarding health nutrition. The most viral being, chocolates are the worst enemies for the kids. Bursting that myth, let us look at the benefits of chocolates for kids.

Chocolates were considered enemies of children and supposed to have bad nutrients that would harm the kid’s body. Reading this we realize, chocolates if consumed in a right amount can work magically for the health and wellness of the kid’s body.


Parenting a toddler is hard, but it is not so hard if you keep their taste buds happy. Try some fun recipes as above and provide a perfect blend of taste and health for your toddler plus a smile on his face is an added bonus!

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