Delicious Non-Soy Vegan Protein Sources That Will Make You Fall In Love With Plant-Based Food

non soy vegan protein

Are you vegan? Do you prefer plant-based protein over animal-based protein? Are you a vegan who is allergic to soy? You don’t like the taste of soy protein? Then you might be wondering if you have very limited protein sources. But wait, non-soy vegan protein your solution. There is a widespread misconception that the only way to get enough protein in your diet is to load up on all the soy.

However, the truth is that while sources like tofu are common staples in a vegan diet, they aren’t the only source of plant-based protein. In this article, we will share about non-soy vegan protein sources.

Non-Soy Vegan Protein From Natural Sources

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This non-soy vegan protein is rich in iron and other nutrients and can give you four grams of protein per tablespoon.


If you are searching for non-soy vegan protein with high protein as soy, then legumes are the best solution. Black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, peanuts, and lentils are filling and nutrient-rich. You can use this non-vegan soy protein source in burritos, nachos, salads, curries etc.

Nuts And Seeds

Soy are great sources of protein and iron, and if you want non-soy vegan protein and iron-rich food, nuts and seeds are the solution. They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You can have nuts and seeds raw, cooked, roasted as a snack, or added to meals. They are also widely available in butter form. You can add Hemp seeds, ground linseed, and chia seeds in smoothies.

Nutritional Yeast

The non-soy vegan protein is the best alternative to cheesy flavor without the dairy. With just two tablespoons of Nutritional Yeast, you will get four grams of protein. It is also full of nutritional elements like zinc, selenium, and manganese to support immune health.

Non-Soy Vegan Protein From Other Sources


This non-soy vegan protein is a popular vegan meat choice that is prepared from wheat gluten. Seitan perfectly replicates the replication of meat texture, and you can use it in burger patties, kebabs, curries, deli slices, and steak.

Dairy-Free Cheese

You can commonly get non-soy vegan protein cheese sources like garlic and herb cream or coconut oil-based cheese.


Soy sauces are popular for giving savory, umami flavor to many dishes. And if you think there is no non-soy vegan protein source to replace this, then you are wrong. Coconut aminos that are gluten-free and soy-free and contain 17 amino acids, making them a healthy option. You can also use soy-free barley miso made with chickpeas.


Enjoy this non-soy vegan protein whether you are allergic to soy or just prefer to keep soy out of your plant-based diet. To fuel your body, Try adding these superfoods to your diet rich in taste and nutrition and provide easy non-soy vegan protein.

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