Challenges faced to a fat person in the world

Society places unreasonable expectations of thinness on women that all too often lead them to dangerous eating disorders or weight loss surgery to meet unattainable beauty standards, rather than seeking contentment through loving themselves as they are. Worst of all, fattism treats fat people as sub-human, which dehumanizes every other group that’s treated the way fat people are.

1. The world judgment on your weight


The harsh reality of living as a fat person is that the world judges you and your weight. Sometimes it is subtle, like people giving you side-eyes or saying that they “don’t want to catch what you have” when they don’t think that you’re listening. Other times, it’s more overt with people coming right out and saying that you’re a fat, lazy slob. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is very common all over the world.

2. Fat people are not allowed to fly

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Airlines seem to think it’s perfectly fine for them to create different policies based on weight; some won’t let anyone on board who needs an extension seatbelt, even if it’s a lap child or an elderly person who needs more room. Meanwhile, obese people are being kicked off of flights for being too big to fit in one seat.

3. Fat people face discrimination from landlords and homeowners

In some cases, fat people have been discriminated against by landlords and homeowners because landlords only want to rent to thin people. This doesn’t seem like it should be legal, right? Well, landlords have been allowed to do this since 1988.

4. Doctors are not always willing to help fat patients

Doctors have been known to refuse service or tell fat people that their weight is the reason they keep having health problems. This is a common issue that keeps popping up, especially with women who have been victims of sexual assault.

5. Society places too many expectations on being thin

The media has created this standard for the perfect body type which leads to unrealistic pressure for everyone to be tiny and skinny. In addition, companies often target their advertising towards slim people, furthering the belief that being thin is the only way to be successful.

6. When fat people try to lose weight society becomes critical

It’s very common for people who are trying to lose weight to receive criticism all the time from family members, friends, and even strangers. Most of this criticism comes from other fat people who think that their efforts to lose weight will make them look bad in comparison.

7. “Healthy” is a subjective term when it comes to a person’s weight

Many people believe that the reason they are obese or overweight is due to a medical condition or illness, but the truth of the matter is that most obese people are perfectly healthy. Even if you do have a health condition, it doesn’t mean that you should be treated as an outcast.

8. It’s almost impossible for fat people to find clothing

There are very few shops which sell clothes in bigger sizes, leading many overweight people to feel extremely frustrated when they try on clothing in a store only to find that it doesn’t fit them. This is why many fat people are forced to shop online, but not everyone has access to the internet or can afford to have clothes shipped.

9. Fat people are often looked down upon for being lazy slobs

Not only do fat people receive unfair criticism through thin privilege, but they are also often labeled as lazy slobs. The truth is that it’s not easy to lose weight and very few fat people would ever choose to be obese.

10. Obese children are forced to endure traumatic school experiences

Obese children suffer greatly in school environments, facing bullying from peers and feeling shame for something they have no control over. This trauma can lead to depression and other dangerous conditions, especially because it’s difficult for obese children to find medical treatment.

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