Casein Protein Its Benefits and All You Should Know

Casein protein is a slow-digesting diary form of protein. People take it mostly in supplements but it can be taken in a lot of other ways. Casein protein is unique because it releases its amino acids slowly.

Therefore, people exploit this advantage and take it right before bed. By doing this, they help recover muscle tissues and reduces the breakdown of other tissues as they sleep.

Consequently, several studies have shown that it has a lot of other benefits asides being a good muscle growth stimulant.

Casein Protein Its Benefits and All You Should Know

Casein protein and Whey protein

Both whey and casein proteins are gotten from dairy products (milk). Milk is made of casein (80%) and whey (20%). Notably, like other animal proteins, casein is complete. This means it has all essential nine amino acids.

These acids are needed in your body for good and healthy growth. Casein also contains other unique proteins and bioactive compounds with health benefits.


The major difference between whey and casein is the length of time they take to get absorbed into the body. Whey proteins get digested quite quickly while casein takes a while before getting digested into the body.

Types of casein protein

There are two main types of casein proteins namely:
Micellar casein: this is the main casein we all look for. It is the type of casein that digests slowly.
Casein Hydrolysate: this type of casein isn’t as popular as the micellar casein. It is pre-digested and is absorbed rapidly into the body.

Chemical make up of casein protein

A 100-gram scoop of standard casein protein powder contains 72 grams of protein, 9 grams of carb and 3 grams of fat. Other micronutrients like calcium, can also be found. But, the exact composition of every casein product slightly differs depending on the manufacturers.

Casein protein in muscle growth

This supplement is used by many athletes for its bodybuilding benefits. Like other kinds of animal protein, it contains all the nine essential amino acids which your body can’t create on its own. It also has loads of leucine which stimulates muscle protein synthesis.

In addition, a study conducted has found that consuming casein protein doubles muscle growth. The study compared taking casein protein with taking whey protein and no protein.

In the end, those who took casein protein experienced double growth in muscle and triple fat loss. Furthermore, casein protein may also enhance long term muscle mass by reducing protein breakdown. This process happens daily when our bodies break down amino acids to make up energy when there isn’t enough.

Casein Protein Its Benefits and All You Should Know

Because of this, casein is better used before bedtime. This prevents the protein break down that happens because of the lack of food during the period that you sleep.

A study also proves that a protein shake before bed helps strength training men. It was discovered to help improve type 2 muscle fibers by 8.4 cm2 in its supplement group. This study has also found that the casein group adds up to 20% more strength than the only training athletes.

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