Animal Protein Causes Damage To Our Health

animal protein causes

We know that most of the protein from plants and animals is considered to be the complete protein. However, many a time, people use the term “low quality” for the protein that we get from the plants. Because animal protein tends to have a lower level of amino acids in them than animal protein. But do you know that animal protein causes damage to our health?

Here we have listed a few ways in which animal protein tends to damage our health.

Animal Protein And Fiber

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Plant protein contains a lot of fiber. However, when it comes to animal protein, they do not have any fiber. Thus, people to get a high amount of protein, eat a large amount of meat. As a result, people tend to displace plant protein.

Further, deficiencies of fiber lead to several diseases. When you consume a high amount of fiber, you tend to decrease the chances of cancer.

Animal Protein And IGF-1

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When we consume proteins with a high amount of amino acids in them, it results in hormone-insulin-like growth factor-1.

Further, this hormone tends to stimulate cell division and growth in both healthy and cancer cells. As a result, eating high animal protein leads to increased cancer risk, proliferation, and malignancy.

Animal Protein And TMAO

Now, consuming animal protein also leads to higher levels of trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO). Further, TMAO is a substance that injured the lining of the vessels. It also creates inflammation and facilitates the formation of cholesterol plaques in our blood vessels. Thus, it becomes dangerous for the health of our hearts.

Animal Protein And Phosphorus

Animal protein has a high amount of phosphorous in it. When there is a high intake of phosphorus in our body. To normalize the level of it, our body releases a hormone called fibroblast growth factor 23.

Now, this fibroblast growth factor 23 hormone tends to be harmful to our blood vessels. Further, it can also cause abnormal enlargement of the cardiac muscles. This leads to heart attack, sudden death, and heart failure.

Thus, eating high animal protein can cause a lot of risk to our heart.

Animal Protein, Heme Iron, And Free Radicals

Iron is the most abundant metal that is found in our bodies. Further, we can have it in two ways. Either in the form of heme iron that is found in animal foods like meat or non-heme iron that is found in plants.

A problem with heme iron is that it converts the less reactive oxidants into highly reactive free radicals. Further, these free radicals damage different cell structures like DNA.

The Bottom Line

Now, we can consider that animal protein is a “high risk” protein. There are profound health implications of eating it. However, you can decrease the risk if you consume it in low quantities. It would be best if you ate animal protein but do not ignore the plant protein along with it. There should be a balance between the two.

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