Animal Beef Protein in Foods You Should Try

Beef is a type of animal protein which is rich in not only protein but also other useful nutrients which we need. Notably, beef protein is the meat gotten from cattle. It’s also called red meat because it has higher amounts of iron than other animal meat such as chicken or fish.

This type of meat can be cooked and eaten in different ways. You can eat it as roasted ribs, steak, or in its minced or grounded forms.

Animal Beef Protein in Foods You Should Try

What Is Animal Beef Protein?

Notably, there are two types of protein, the complete protein which contains all the amino acids. This form of protein is gotten mainly from animals and their produce.

These essential amino acids are essential for muscle building, proper growth and a number of their significant functions. They are so unique that no other nutrient can be used to create them. You will have to get them from eating animal products.

Nutritional Value of Animal Beef Protein

Beef is primarily made of protein and different amounts of fat. But, these dietary components are different across different types of meat. Fresh and lean meat, for example, are rich in various vitamins, minerals and nutritional values.

Here, we’ll be using a 100 grams serving of broiled, and ground beef.
Calories: 217
Water: 61%
Protein: 27 grams
No Carbs
Zero sugar
No fibre
10 grams of fat

How Much Protein Is in Beef?

Meat is an excellent source of protein. Proteins make up about 26-27 per cent of the total nutrients you get in beef. Beef is usually of high quality, and because it is an animal protein, it contains all essential amino acids. As the building blocks of proteins, our bodies need amino acids for a wide range of functions. Their composition also varies in proteins depending on the source.

Therefore, meat, or in this case, beef, is one of the most consumed sources of animal protein. It’s so nutritious, that its amino acid profile is highly identical to that of our muscle tissues. For this reason, animal beef is easily absorbed into our muscle tissues making it more beneficial.

With the combination of good exercise and beef proteins, you will be sure to burn fat, maintain and build body muscles.

Fat in Animal Beef

Beef isn’t just about its proteins. It contains varying amounts of fat which do not add to its flavour but also significantly increases the value of calories in meat.

Animal Beef Protein in Foods You Should Try

The fat content of beef depends on the breed of the animal, age, level of trimming, gender and feed. Other factors like processing also affect the fat content of beef which is why sausages and salami have more fat contents.

Lean meat generally has less than 20% of fat. Beef fat is mostly made of saturated and mono-saturated fat in almost a 50% – 50% ratio. Also, you get a lot of trans fat from ruminant animals such as cows and sheep meat products. However, unlike the industrial variety, natural occurring trans-fat is healthy.

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