Aim of Department of Public Health

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The Department of Public Health aims to reduce the burden of chronic diseases and injuries through prevention and control of risk factors, early detection and management of diseases, and promotion of mental well-being. This is achieved by engagement in health promotion, disease prevention, community empowerment, and building capacity for policies.

Department of Public Health Objectives

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The faculty offers programs at undergraduate (basic), vocational-technical (laboratory analysis), and postgraduate (specialist) levels. The faculty is responsible for teaching and clinical training in the fields of health management (e.g. public health, medical informatics), mental health, community medicine, nursing, laboratory analysis, physical education & sport sciences, environmental science with a focus on the environment management, and plant protection.

Departmental Functions    

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According to the functions established in Section 19 (2) Public Health Act B.E. 2535 (1999), the Department of Public Health shall:    

1. Prepare measures for preventing and controlling diseases that are dangerous to public health

2. Prepare the implementation plan for the implementation of public health services including preventive services

3. Monitor, study or evaluate information related to public health, provide advice on policy implementation related to public health issues

4. Promote cooperation with other state agencies, private sector organizations, community groups, or any other parties engaged in public health activities

5. Coordinate with the relevant agencies to ensure the optimal implementation of functions 1-4

6. Perform any other functions assigned by the Minister of Public Health.

List of services provided by DPH:                

1 . IMCI (Integrated Management of Childhood Illness)

in this program, we aim to reduce mortality and morbidity of children, pregnant women, and their family members caused by common infectious diseases.

2 . Health Promotion and Disease prevention: 

we provide counseling services on lifestyle changes such as healthy eating habits, physical activity, social support, and mental health.

3 . Improvement of access to diagnosis and treatment:

we conduct health education and promotion activities, provide counseling services on early diagnosis and treatment, periodic medical examinations (check-up)

4 . Maternal and Child Health:

we provide the prevention, screening, and referral as well as post-abortion family planning services. we also provide information about infant feeding; we encourage exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of age and introduce appropriate complementary feeding.

5 . Cancer Prevention:

In this service, we provide high-quality cancer screening services to the population with an emphasis on those at risk including but not limited to health care workers, people working in dangerous professions as well as those exposed to ionizing radiation and chemical carcinogens.

6 . Chronic Disease Management:

In this service, we provide screening and referral services as well as self-management support for those diagnosed with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, etc.

7 . Mental Health:

We provide counseling and referral services to people suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental health issues.    

8 . Care coordination:     

when we refer a patient to another health care provider such as a mental health professional, dentist, or specialist doctor they will be seen as soon as possible with the consent of the person and/or their family members.

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