Foods You Can Have in Your Vegan High Protein Meal Plan

vegan high protein meal

A vegan high protein meal plan is not the same as a vegan low or vegetarian high protein meal plan. Depending on how intense you are in your desire to become a vegan, you can vary your intake of animal products and still lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. You can add some variety to your high protein meals and avoid boredom with one basic recipe.

An Overview

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Many readers have asked about vegan high protein shakes. Some people have said that it’s too much trouble to make a great shake each day. But I’ve been making vegan high protein shakes for years and you don’t have to be an expert to make one! If you’re new to veganism and looking for quick, healthy, delicious protein, read on for my recommendation of the best recipes for a vegan high protein shake.

First, let me recommend two different vegan high protein shakes that I find easy to make well before the morning. One is made with coconut milk, one with almond milk. If you are allergic to soy, don’t use either one of these. The recipes I suggest will give you the flexibility you need to add your favorite types of powders, nut butters, and flavors to your vegan high protein shake.

Protein Meal Shake 

To make the high protein meal shake, simply combine one cup of dry roasted soybeans, one cup of smoothies (your choice), one tablespoon of vanilla whey powder, one cup of skim milk or coconut milk, one banana, a handful of flax seeds, and two-thirds of a cup of your favorite non-dairy protein powder. Mix everything together until smooth. The result should be a very thick and tasty shake. Drink this between meals or on your own without feeling hungry.

To make the peanut butter chocolate flavor drink, simply combine three tablespoons of vegan high protein ice cream, one cup of vegan yogurt, one tablespoon of organic raw cacao powder, one banana, and a handful of mixed nuts. If you don’t have any nuts, feel free to add sunflower or almond oil. Blend all of your ingredients together until smooth. Drink this between meals or on their own after the main meal has been served.

BBQ Berry Smoothie 

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The last high protein meal recipe I have to offer you is called the BBQ-berry smoothie. This is very similar to the smoothie you can make at home except that it contains berry in its ingredients. To make this healthy smoothie, simply mix four servings of frozen strawberries with one cup of low fat soy milk, one tablespoon of ground flax seeds, and two teaspoons of organic maple syrup. You can add any fruit you prefer such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, pineapples, bananas, kiwi, or peaches. Drink this between meals or with some fresh nuts and berries.

As you can see, there are many different foods you can eat as part of a healthy, high protein meal plan. However, if you aren’t able to find a vegan high protein meal that satisfies your cravings, don’t be afraid to experiment by mixing other nuts and seeds in the mixture. You may also want to look for high protein foods like sunflower seeds and walnuts. Some people even use coconut meat and/or rice to make delicious and satisfying meals.


The point is that there are many ways to prepare vegan high protein meals. Try out a few of your favorite combinations and see which ones you like best. Remember though, that there are a variety of brands and nutritional information labels so make sure that the products you purchase are safe for you and that they contain high quality protein. By incorporating these foods into your vegan high protein meal plan, you can easily help build muscle and lose weight while still staying healthy.

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